A Bank Account in Cyprus offers great advantages and benefits to the account holder, the private individual, the international entrepreneur or the professional for his offshore operations.

The professional environment of Cyprus banks, the personal and friendly attitude of the bankers, the great get up and organisation of Cyprus banking, the easily accessible services or the strategic position of the island makes a Cyprus bank account one of the most useful tools for professionals and not only.

The following are some but not the only ones of the advantages of the Cyprus bank accounts:

  • Fast, fuss free opening. In a few days we can have the account number, IBAN and SWIFT numbers for you.
  • Your presence in not necessary. A Cyprus bank account can be opened in your absence.
  • No terms for minimum initial deposit or minimum monthly balance.
  • Debit or Credit cards valid all over the world.
  • An online Cyprus bank account offers i-banking, allowing swift transfers without any limitation.
  • Digipass machine for extra security makes the Cyprus Bank Account, one of the safest accounts.
  • Multi-currencyaccounts for any currencies, at no extra cost.
  • Low Bank Charges on transfers and on other bank services.
  • No restrictions at all on the movement of money in or out of Cyprus.
  • Full confidentiality. Cyprus banks do not disclose information to any country.